Why So Serious?


I believe many of you would try to pose and look good in the picture. Why? Does anyone care or you wanted attention and make people say : Wow, you're so pretty in the pic. Nice shot! or whatsoever. I can't deny some people do look very nice in picture no matter how. It's a credit and advantage for those which i called it photogenic.

Speaking of photogenic, for me it is about awareness of how to put your best self forward, and knowing how to express your charisma in front of the camera. People are often photogenic because they like having their picture taken. They are therefore relaxed and happy when the camera appears. If you cannot master up genuine love of the camera, pretend you like the camera. Imagine the camera is someone you love, a long lost friend, an old flame, your child at age three, or whatever you need to look at the camera lovingly.

I never was the photogenic person, but i always wanted to look pretty and out-stand from the picture. There is also another way by using makeup to cover skin complexion, which one of the factor to stand out in photos. Work with your body posture. The most important is you must WORK WITH THE ANGLES!!

Let me set you clear. I never wanted you guys to look fugly in the picture. But some time, some moment you just have to be quirky and fun. Stressing out, struggling and too serious is not good for your health especially girls out there. Pictures always come out badly when you look stiff. Even PHOTOSHOP is not the savior. RELAX and THINK OF HAPPY THOUGHTS will make you look great in the picture.

Few pictures me and Fatty took last few weeks. It wasn't plan, we just want to have fun in front of the camera. =p

So start making out some pictures that is fun. Enjoy the process and be surprised with the outcome. You'll even laugh in your dream.


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