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Koh Lipe is a small island in the Adang-Rawi Archipelago of the Andaman Sea, in the Satun Province of southwest Thailand, close to Malaysian border. Koh Lipe is on the border of the Tarutao National Marine Park and is directly south of the larger islands Ko Adang and Ko Rawi and about 50 km from the island of Ko Tarutao. It was settled by sea gypsies, originally from Malaysia, known as the 'Chao Lay' people or also known as Urak Lawoi.

How to access?

High season (November to May) 
there are several locations from which you can take a ferry or speedboat to Koh Lipe, including: Pak Bara, Langkawi, Phi Phi, Ko Lanta, and Trang.

Low season (May to October) 
the only way to get to Koh Lipe is by speedboat from Pak Bara.

adapted from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ko_Lipe


The location of my hotel and Lipe Map

adapted from my hotel website, click here


10am - 11am
Flight LCCT - Langkawi

Airport - Telaga Harbour Pier

Check in Ricci House Resort
Sunrise View

Free and Easy

Sunset View
9am - 5pm
Island Hopping + snorkelling
Check out Ricci House Resort

Check in Immigration

Depart from Lipe - Telaga Harbour

8.50pm - 10pm
Flight Langkawi - LCCT

Telaga Harbour Pier

There are few route to access Lipe depends on the season as mentioned under About : How To Access

I book the ticket 2 months earlier because i prefer everything is ready by the time i reached instead of last minute. You can see the list under Expenses for the ticket price. The journey to from Telaga Pier to Lipe took us about 1hour.

Langkawi to Lipe schedule :

<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->Langkawi (Malaysia Time)
<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->Koh Lipe (Thai Time)
Trip 1
Departing 0930 hrs
Arriving 0930 hrs
Trip 2
Departing 1430 hrs ** 
Arriving 1430 hrs

Lipe to Langkawi schedule :

     Koh Lipe (Thai Time)
Langkawi (Malaysia Time)
Trip 1
Departing 1030 hrs **
Arriving 1230 hrs
Trip 2
Departing 1630 hrs
Arriving 1830 hrs

You can click here for more info regarding the ferry shuttle service info.

Ricci House Resort

I have been surveying alot regarding the hotel i need to book.

First, you need to make clear the budget range you can afford. Then only proceed with the hotel facilities requirement. This is what i practice.

My hotel budget range :
1. Not more than RM250 per night
2. ★ star hotel is more than enough

My hotel requirements :
3. Beach view (optional) / Garden View
4. Air-conditioned
5. Wi-fi spot
6. Water Heater
7. Walking distance to Walking Street

8. Pick up transfer

From my budget limit, Ricci House fulfill most of it except the beach view. Since the resort is in the middle of the island, at the end of the Walking Street. So i have to say bye bye to the sound of sea wave when waking up in the morning.

But what i can say the service provided are extremely good. The staff bring their smile all the time. The hotel located at the center of the active area, distance along the 3 beaches (Pattaya, Sunset & Sunrise Beach) is between 5-20minutes walking distance. For my opinion, if you guys does not insist on beach view hotel, Ricci house makes a perfect strategic location.

Another experience i need to share, just for an extra info for you all.
It happens 3days before my departure, an email where i book my hotel (i will not tell you the website) sent to notify that our hotel booking has been cancelled. I was like, Wadafuq!!! 3days more and i will be flying off, and now you're telling me this shit. We tried to find another hotel   immediately but all the hotel either is fully booked or out of our budget. I ask Fatty to called up the Ricci House and ask regarding the matter. The person who pick up the call was a girl named Kim, she said that she found our booking from the agency but the transaction cannot be charge on the card. And she actually make effort by helping us to find another nearby hotel. The next day, Fatty rang up the hotel again for any updates, Kim really make our day, she told us the room we book has not been occupied or reserved so we still have our room!! Yay!!!! We even made our hotel payment during check-in. That is why i need to give a credit on this hotel staff. Thumbs up!! I just regret that i didn't manage to take a group photo with the staff for memories.

As for pick up transfer, make sure you emailed the staff and provide them the time and date you reach for pick up. They will wait for you at the immigration centre.

Ricci House Front View
Garden Deluxe Bungalow (front view), the room we're staying
The bed was very comfy and clean
Once he step inside the room, aircond and TV on!! Lol
Each room has their own wi-fi password. Great!! The  internet line is stable 

DAY 1 (Arrival)

I took my flight from LCCT Air Asia and aboard at Langkawi Island. Then, take a cab from the airport to the Telaga Pier, its only a 15minute drive distance.
I took the 10am flight so that i could catch up with the 2.30pm speedboat at Telaga Harbour Pier without any rush. I could make an early check in and walk around the area. I even had my lunch done and photo taking.

At Langkawi Airport

Telaga Harbour Pier
Spending the time photo taking while waiting for the boat
Arabian Nasi Briyani with half chicken RM23
The sauce gave a perfect match with the rice

During your check-in, you need to hand in 3 different documents :

1. Passport

2. Immigration slip ( you can take from the box prepared beside the counter)

3. Telaga ferry ticket Voucher

These are the 3 things you need to prepare

Finally, it's time to depart. Im so eager with Lipe already!! Excited mood. The staff will help you to carry your luggage to the boat and you just need to pick it up at LIPE!! Dont worry your luggage will not be lost unless it's covered in GOLD. =p

On the boat
The wind makes my hair so messy

The journey to lipe took us around 1hour to reach. The speedboat does not drop us at the straight to the island. Common sense. So there is a station where a ferry stop at the middle of the sea and it is an interchange from speedboat to long-tail boat. During your interchange, the local will ask for tips of 20baht per person.

These long-tail boats dock at the south end of Pattaya Beach, beside Bundhaya Resort as you can see in the map. First thing you need to do is walk toward the immigration and hand in your ferry ticket and wait for your passport and luggage pick up.  And wait for your hotel pick up transfer, if you do have one. From what i know, some 5star hotel doesn't even have any pick up transfer, boooooo!

Long-tail boat
After check-in hotel, we decided to rest a while and take a shower before we head off for dinner. The room was so comfy, relaxing and CLEAN! 

1hour later....

We head off to walking street for the rest of the day, taking pictures and buy some local food. I already had a list in my hand for the food hunt. So what i do is just searching the place.

Along the Walking Street...

The signboard at the end of Walking Street
The guardian of Lipe
Are these real Havaianas or fake one. So cheap, only 200baht per pair.
I bought mine at Singapore at $19.90 which is already the cheapest one. Wtf

Hell lot of massage place spot. Only 300baht. 
Pharmacy aka Drug Store. Do you sell cocaine?
Fatty gave him the drumstick leftover. Soo pity. He looks hungry
There are alot of local dog wandered around the beach.
They are harmless and very playful with the people.
Chicken Satay. 20Baht per stick. I still can feel the chewy-ness, yummy
My dinner list for today is Daya Resort. It's located at the west end of the active area beach. You can see them placing tables in front of the resort with red table cloth with white candle light. I thought white candle are for those non-living. =.= 
But whatever, i'm here for seafood hunt. 

We sat beside the beach under a shade waiting the time for dinner. The dazzling sunlight make the sand sparkle like a thousand tiny jewels.  The sand that was cold and fine. The tides are getting wavier as the sound of sea wave getting louder.

Take off your shoe and feel the fine sand!!
View from Pattaya Beach
Candy crush addicted
Candle Light Dinner @Daya Resort
Photo by the beach.. What a life

Top left : Stir fry kangkung, Top right : Tom Yam Gong
Bottom left : Squid stir vege, Bottom right : Green Curry Seafood
The portion for our dinner was just enough for 2person. The Kangkung (so called water spinach), they didn't overcooked it instead i still can feel the crisp. But however i still preferred Kangkung Belacan, spicy kick from the chilli, which are more tastier. When you come to Thailand, you would never missed out Tom Yam Gong from the menu, you will feel a pungent and zesty feast of flavors with every slurp. Definitely contain lemongrass, galangal and lime leaves in every bowl of tomyam which i hate the most, but those are the main ingredient for bringing out the taste. Everytime i have to filter out all those unnecessary green thing before i could start my meal. When the Squid dish came over the table, totally 0% temptation based on the appearance. Once it's in your mouth you can fill the chewy-ness and fresh juicy squid feel dancing with your teeth. Hahaha.. over elobrating. So far the best among other dishes. As for the Green Curry Seafood, not recommended. No need to explain, just don't order. Total spending for the dinner cost us 730Baht.

Day 2 (Free and Easy)

Waking up in the morning, with breezy air and beautiful sunshine. What a life!! No work rush, no traffic jam, no haze, no radiation!! But, I missed out my sunrise view!!!! Sob.. Then we headed for breakfast, Ricci House provide breakfast from 7am to 10am. Breakfast was simple yet taste good. They prepare the food only when you ordered, instead of having it ready on the table. And the staff brings you a good smile, which one of the factor brightens up your day. I still remember a pretty staff girl named Joy who was very helpful with bringing our luggage and other services we need. She's cute although.
Breakfast Provided
Breakfast done. Mother nature here we come, food hunt all the way round!! What an exciting day to start with. =p

Pictures? Scroll down...

Food Hunt @Walking Street

First stop at Thai Lady Pancake. Why do Thai people have such creative idea in food?
Thai Lady Pancake range from 40-100baht
Banana Whipped Cream & Mango Honey Pancake
Very high calories yet marvelous!!
Banana Ice Cream Pancake. The best!!

They have traffic happy hour promotion for all beer and cocktails. They even have places for people to lie down with 32" LCD for selected night movie. Cool huh. But the bar start operating from 6pm till late night. 
Pooh's Bar
Another bar runs by the local. Lipe Box Bar
Elephants Books and Restaurant, a coffeehouse, bookstore, bakery and bistro. They open from 7am to 5pm. they have this coffee machine specialties in latte and espresso. I never
tried it because i just need to cool up with icy beverage in such sunny weather. 
Fresh mixed juice and Grilled Chicken Sandwich
I found this tissue box in one of the store where i bought  the waterproof bag.
Nice one! XD
Its never been scruffy when walking along the street, yet all help is in hand when you ask from the local. No doubt at all. One of the factor i love about Lipe. 

Photo Taking @Pattaya Beach
After some calories feed up, its time to burn what we consume. So we went to Pattaya Beach for some photo and chill up. Longtail boat, a wooden banana-shaped boat covered with a canopy  designed to carry passenger to the shallow part of the water or even out for island trip. It can fit up to 10 people. The local ties few colorful stripes at the head of the boat, believe that it will bring good luck and ask the spirits to protect and bring prosperity to their business.
Longtail boats
Beach chair were all along the beach for the tourist to sit on.  FOC
Sunbathing. No bikini photo, sorry guys!!
Now you see one bikini lady!! Hahhaha

Lucky the swing can still support both our weight XD
Headed back hotel for some refreshing shower after all the sweating walking at the beach and exposing sun. Sunset to go, hopefully getting a nice spot to enjoy the view. Still upset for the sunrise i missed out. Grrrr....

Still manage to utilize the time for face mask. Ngek ngek ngek
Sunset View @Sunset Beach
On our way to Sunset Beach
This fella spot food
Fatty feed him with some seaweed fries we bought at the mini store
We manage to get a good spot for the view. Happy =]
Sunset view from the beach

Dinner at Jack's Jungle

A very cozy place for dinner. Located way half from walking walking street and Sunset beach. It's quite hard to find the place especially at night, so remember to bring torch along as the road were quite dark. I need to climb up the stairs to reach the restaurant floor.
View at the restaurant
The curry was a satisfyingly flavorsome, aromatic as well. Seafood Tom Yam with coconut milk spice up everyone's life include me. The vege was okay, i do not like it fry with the oyster sauce cuz it's too ordinary even i can cooked it. What's the point serving that. But so far other's are good.
Chicken Curry
Tom Yam and stir fry mixed vege with oyster sauce
Click here for the restaurant link

Check out Part 2... To be post 

Walking Street from Pattaya Beach
Koh Lipe, Thailand
Tel: +66 89 646 1082
Email: jess@elephantkohlipe.com
Website: www.elephantkohlipe.com


120 meters from Sunset Beach
Mon - Sun: 8:00 am - 9:30 pm
Email info@jacksjungle.com
Website http://www.jacksjungle.com


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