Tanjung Sepat Restoran Asam Batu Laut Road Trip Part 1

This is totally an outdate entry, please forgive me I've been super busy lately. It's supposed to be a January post entry, but i drag it till this moment, 미안해!!
So me and the others plan out a day trip to Tanjung Sepat with two main purpose :
1. Sunset Shoot at Sepang Gold Coast by the beachside
     (end up it was raining and we head home =.= wrong timing )
2. Seafood Hunt 

So I've taken some advice on which restaurant should i try from my colleagues. There are few in list and conclude down to Restaurant Asam Batu Laut. From other bloggers review, dining in the evening/night is a better choice where the restaurant would light up with the LED lighting decorated around the area. But we decided to just have lunch over the place, and done the rest activity before evening falls. 

Scrumptious Seafood Meal

Jon prepared the so called "Best Coffee in Puchong"
Frankly speaking, not bad 
Fresh Oyster Omelette 蚵仔煎 
Clam Soup with Ginger 上汤啦啦
Salted Egg Crabs  咸蛋蟹
Butter Mantis Shrimp  奶油虾蛄
Steamed Mud Crab with Eggwhite  花雕蛋蒸蟹

The meal only costs us around RM50 per person, its pretty much fair for all those seafood. 

Oyster Omelette : Not my thing as i do not consume oyster but the others say it does taste good in terms of the freshness. Clam : One of my favorite, the broth had the touch of spiciness of ginger, I didn't like ginger but this dish was an exception. Shrimp: I love the mantis shrimp the most, crunchy on the outside; fresh and sweet in the inside. Crabs : the salted egg crab taste heavenly!! FINGER LICKING!! Jon, Josephine and Kit sapu most of it. Great job guys. Most of the dishes very appealing especially the crab, don't you agree?

Next, town visit and some local delicacies. 


Kwo Zha B Coffee
Yew Heng Bun

After walking around the town, we head down to the famous Lover Bridge at Tanjung Sepat. But, almost half of the bridge is collapse and divider were build to block visitors going further down for safety purpose. Even walking on the bridge make me freak out a little bit cuz it looks fragile. Motorbikes are not allowed to pass through anymore like before. The jetty was full of rubbish and smells like rotten eggs! Yuck! So we settled some pictures and went to another bridge nearby Ganofarm, way more better than previous. At least it doesn't stink that much and pollutes my breathing, so hard to bare.  

I struggle, I survived, and I'm still standing firm
Im photogenic in any way

Pouring the beer with the heart of a lion ROAR

Selfie time!!
@Jin, nowadays cramp look trend selfie?
Why i do not have her @josephine Kuaci face, jelly!!
I put this up cuz @Jiin showed her crooked teeth amazingly crook!! HAHAHA
Last but not least, my SELFIE... puke on the other side

To be continue Part 2 
As where i post some of the photos taken by WK and Josephine..


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