Labor Day Trip to National Zoo Park (Zoo Negara)

"First of all, do forgive me as this was a last year post!!" 

Labor Day, it's a worldwide national tribute to all workers contribution towards the company, society and country. Thus, it is an official public holiday observes on 1st of May annually. Since we had a day off, here comes the Cho's family plan which unexpectedly out of expectation, day trip to the National Zoo. What the heck, first thing in my mind "drug store shopping for sunscreen lotion", pigmentation is my biggest fear of all!!

Breakfast at Restaurant Jin Xuan (Hong Kong) 
Kuchai Lama Main Branch
Jin Xuan is one of the crowd-est place for dim sum, merging of 3 shops to occupied the customer demand flow. Eaters need to take number and wait for their turn for table, systematic action fair enough for those who late comers. First come first serve basis. But in some certain condition, some customers just don't f**king care about it and seize over the table without taking number and laugh out arrogantly like nothing happened. How rude!! Manners can be reflected on kids from how the parents act, trust me!! It shows evidently. 
In case any of you got offended or in other words with slightly consciousness, try to be a better person next time, your children attitude reflected originally from you. No doubt at all. 

Check out the restaurant website by clicking HERE

Fuyoh... sedap-nyer~~~
Fried Dim Sum Assortment
Pork Bun   叉烧包
Rice Noodle Rolls    猪肠粉
Glutinous Rice with Chicken aka Loh Mai Kai     糯米鸡
Steam Dim Sum
Restaurant Jin Xuan branches : address and contact details

National Zoo Park (Zoo Negara)
I bet many of you had been to the national zoo during childhood, regardless of school or family trip. My last zoo trip was like 20 years ago? i couldn't even remember. Being the fact that zoo is not my type of choice to spend my holiday, but since the Cho's family suggested, yeah why not. Malaysia government requested two Panda to be placed in our local zoo from China government, alongside with celebrating zoo 50th anniversary but due to #MH370 tragedy panda arrival date were postponed during my visit on May. But no worries, now both Xing Xing and Liang Liang is in Malaysia go grab your tickets and meet them!!

Entrance fee as picture below 

The national zoo was officially established on 1963 by the first PM Tunku Abdul Rahman. You can see from the pic below, the construction is still on going meanwhile waiting for panda arrival. 

Fatty, you think others wont recognize you even tho u transformed into a hippo?!


Giant Turtle

The Peacock displaying his plumage
They were so obssesed to monopod recently.. *facepalm*

Milky Stork
Kwang Soo Oppa!!

After few hours of walking, we decided to end the walk and go home. Both my feet were so sore i couldnt even feel my feet anymore

As for senior citizen or for those who unable to walk too long, tram is available at each station in the zoo costing RM5 each for an adult. I can say that it is extremely expensive, they should provide us free tram ride instead. Overall is was an delightful yet sweaty trip, and i was wearing long sleeve and long pants, imagine that!! My goodness. 

End of post...

Getting There :

 Address :

Zoo Negara, Hulu Kelang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan

By Light Rail Transit System (LRT) :
- Alight at Wangsa Maju Station, Kelana Jaya Line
- Board a taxi to Zoo Negara

By Bus :
- Metrobus number 16 from Central Market, KL
- Rapid KL number U34 from Putra LRT Station, Wangsamaju, KL
- Rapid KL number U23 from Titiwangsa Station, KL


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