Slurp Cafe @ 3 Two Square PJ

Once again, I've purchased a deal from Living Social to try out the place. There are so much to offer from Living Social and Groupon which i trust is the most reliable (in terms of food deal) than other deal sites. Therefore, i should also remind you this "Jxxxxxx" site caused me the most rage ever, even after i give them a second chance it's still the same. They would keep on procrastinate your item by giving reason that the product is damaged, out of stock etc. And it is not a one time case so I've had enough and its a NO NO and BANNED... like forever!! (I'm being kind giving them another chance but it's too disappointing)

So done with the nagging and venting, lets come back to the real topic. Slurp Cafe which located at 3 Two Square is gathering attention from the teenagers due to the concept design of the cafe. Decorated with graffiti Marvel wallpaper and superhero characters which will flash back your childhood memories.

We reached there its already around 9.30pm, the cafe is only occupied with 2 table of people. Well i am more happy because the food can be serve faster with that less amount of people, and i'm damn hungry after work. Its very easy to locate the place just by using WAZE, need no worry.
Welcome drinks

Mushroom Soup  RM 11.90
I heard that they are famous for its Omuraisu dish. Omuraisu is a contemporary Japanese cuisine consisting of an omelette made with fried rice and usually topped with ketchup. What make it so special to brag about?
As for the omelette i was expecting the egg will splurge out making a nice opening on the plate. Click here to watch the video. (what i expect)
And this is my version at slurp cafe, click here.

As for the food presentation, the omelette indeed look good and smooth on top, the yellowish turn out well without any burnt sign. Egg texture is indeed soft enough. As for you info, fried chicken is one of the option for diners to choose in the menu. The fragrance of fried rice does plunge you into the taste of Asian, where it is the most simple yet delicious food to prepare among locals.
Omuraisu Chicken Chop  RM 28.90
Be it charcoal burger, orange burger or rice burger, we believe that many of you have tried before. How about maggie burger? 
Next was Maggi Mutabak Burger, uses instant noodles and meat as the filling coat with omelette. In the other word, Murtabak known as folded pancake. It was a super big portion for me, i cant even finish half of it. The maggi use it seasoning too much and its kinda salty and soggy and makes me super thirsty after the meal. Still, im not a fan for this dish but in texture wise it does bring you a new type of taste experience if you haven't try it before.
Maggi Murtabak Burger  RM 24.90

Last but not least, slurp cafe were also feature in Sinchew Daily.

Slurp Cafe
Dataran 3 Two,
No.2, Jalan 19/1,
46300 Petaling Jaya.
Business Hours: Mon-Sat (10am -10pm)
Contact No: 03 - 7497 1367


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