Bong'e Korean Restoran B.B.Q Ampang

For all korean food lovers, you might as well heard of Jalan Excella, Ampang known as Korean village. Not just only you Korean restaurant but also Korean groceries stores can be found. It was Carmen and Wai Ho who bring us to this restaurant, trust me the food are good and affordable. Although its not among the best, but it still satisfy the Korean cuisine thirst when you need one. Still, do not give high expectation. Taste buds is diff from each and everyone. 
Let's see.. All the food too good to choose
Hmm.. there's so much to eat i couldn't choose
What i love the most about Korean food is their Banchan, its actually bottomless. 
Refillable Banchan
Soju the perfect match 
Crazy with all those meats. Yummy

Couldn't afford without stew
Beef broth if not mistaken, a good one must order.
Kimchi Jjigae
Apologizing not having price, forgotten to keep the receipt. Anyway do not worry about the price it is reasonable and cheaper than other branded Korean restaurant.
Skipping out from picture, no makeup on. =p

Bong'e Korean Restoran B.B.Q
8, Jalan Excella,
Taman Ampang Hilir,
68000 Ampang.


  1. I always go Ampang for my korean bbq session too! But I havent been to Bong'e.. Will try them on my next trip there =)

    Btw, Sunflowers ShortFilm is not scary at all. hehehe.. sorry if i make u feel that it is scary. It's a heart-wrenching short film about death and its procedures.

  2. Bonge food is fair in terms of price. Try Nak Won It's much more nicer.


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