Manicure with May Scott Garden

Today it will not be a food post. It's pampering time!! I believe all girls must have both their eyes BLING when it comes to manicure/pedicure. Even I my own do have a collection of nail polish and gadgets, so that i could do some DIY at home. 

Today i'll be doing Gel Nail. Gel nails are also known to be the most natural looking artificial nails available. A gel nail is thin and flexible, just like your own and does not look fake. Adapted from 
Only one disadvantage, once your gel nails come off, your natural nails are usually a lot longer, but a lot more brittle! So give it a break as 2 weeks interval before you applied a new one.

A Basic Steps when getting a Gel Manicure : 
Getting Your Nails Ready

  1. Take off old nail polish
  2. Trim your nails
  3. Push back your cuticles
  4. Buff the top of your nails

Coating Your Nails

  1. Apply the primer
  2. Brush an even coat of UV nail gel onto each nail
  3. Repeat with a second coat of UV nail gel
  4. Apply a third coat of UV nail gel

Finishing the Gels

  1. Use the buffer to finish off the shaping
  2. Wash your hands with gentle soap

For those who wanted to try out please book earlier to arrange for free slot available. Details of location and contact can be seen at the end of the post. 
Sample of Nail Art and stickers
More sample of Nail Art done by May

How i wish i had my own nail saloon. I would definitely be happy the rest of my life if i owned one, i would wake up every morning feeling happy to go work or even work extra working hours. Maybe one day!! Who knows. 

Picking nail color was the hardest part, I've been notoriously fickle especially in term of color selection. I would always wanted to try up another color but always end up with something purple, lavender or lilac. My life is indeed purplish. Yes, i'm obsessed with purple, so what?

Janice pick a pink shade with a touch of floral pattern sticker, to suit her warm skin tone.
May even give compliment that her nail shape is pretty. 

Janice pinkish floral design nail art
Carmen pick sky blue and laces sticker.
Both of them are friends so im able to be flexi to take pic all over around.

Carmen lacey blue nail art
And me, no doubt PURPLE again.*facepalm* 
with a mustache on my index finger
The only thing was one of my gel color peeled off the second day, might due to i was doing my laundry on the same day i applied the gel. Is it possible? No idea. Carmen and Janice gel lasted a month. 
But May did ask me to go back for a redo. 

My purplish plain nail with mustache 
Price Range : Market rate
Ambiance    : Comfy
Service         : Good
Artwork       : Fair with good finishing(never tried out complicated one yet, so i cant say)       
                        Cant comment on the details because all of us use sticker instead of hand nail art
Location       : Its located the same floor as the parking area instead of the boulevard, abit hard to find if you do not familiar with the place

May Nail Studio
UG- AP3, Kompleks Rimbon Scott,
The Scott Garden, 289, Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
018-220 1596


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