Myung Pum Korean Chicken BBQ Sri Hartamas

Yes, it's Korean rush again, Dak Galbi moment!! Jason proposed a brunch gathering, and he wanted to bring Lilian (the gf) to try out Uncle Jang . So we meet up at Solaris but end up the shop is close and only start operating on evening, good job Jason!! We all got annoyed especially ah Lian.. Luckily, Carmen suggested a Korean restaurant nearby the area with also similar concept Galbi style. So we head out to the place and here we are, Myung Pum. The shop is located at the corner lot and consist of indoor and outdoor seating, aircond is my choice with such hot weather. 

Banchan.. Damn love the Pumpkin side dish
Look how pretty the color is.. Slurrpp
Don't judge by the picture that it seem less, it's enough for four of us, unless you are those big appetite kinda person. Meat was okay, i love the fry rice cake, so chewy and taste good along the cabbage. 
The bill came out and only cost four of us a total of RM100+-. Reasonable and we did end up home with full stomach.

Stay tune for my Mr.Dakgalbi post.. ^^

Myung Pum Korean Chicken BBQ
2, Ground Floor, 24/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas, KL Sri Hartamas
Tel: 03-2300 3203


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