KOH ♥ LIPE -- Part ② --

Day 3 ( Island Hopping )

It's the day!! Me and Fatty went to this Satun Dive & Tours for snorkeling package, to be frank i'm nothing but a hippo. I do not know how to swim or even float, when i try to go a deeper water level and my feet doesn't feel the bottom, i'll get panic! But i'm excited to go into the ocean and see the beautiful fishes and coral, giving my best to cope with the fear. How i wished i got these adaption mutant ability (watch too much movie) so that i will grow gills without using any breathing support equipment or oxygen tank, they are extremely troublesome. 

Satun Dive & Tours

Satun Dive located near Sunrise beach, end of the walking street. We're taking a day tour with Satun, which cost 600Baht per person. The package includes 4island hopping and 3 snorkeling spot, from 9am till 5pm. The group that we joining occupy a total of 8 person. They use longtail boat for the tour. If you want to have a private tour, best recommend Adang Sea Divers where they provide tour using speedboat, as in price wise it depends on your budget. If you can pay more, you can have better services and privacy. 

But Satun was good enough for me, maybe i will try a private tour next time. By the way, this is my first snorkeling experience and it was super fun. How your hand reaches the fish in the sea, so far before that i only feel a dead fish in the market. It's a tremendous experience, i think i'll go for swimming class for my next trip at Phuket. =] 

Click here for more details regarding Diving or Snorkeling tour packages.

Pictures ahead...

Ads Board
Satun Dive
Windy beachside
What's with the stone? The tour guide purposely slow down the boat for the view.
I cant think of any response but snapping it down.
First snorkeling spot

Koh Rawi is the large island of almost the same size as Koh Adang surrounded by many rocks, high steep cliffs, clean white sandy beach and clear sea offering quietness for relaxation. Having the forest trek at Talopalian Bay and Leuk Bay of white sand which is so-called the most prominent beach stretching at hundred meters where the National Park Ranger Unit is situated

Clear enough to see my bare foot
Look at the monkey expression, damn enjoy
Lunch of the day, by appearance it was like errrhhhh
But in the end it was good and the shrimp are so fresh and juicy
Found a swing tied on a tree
Ko Adang island is the second biggest island within Tarutao National Marine Park, in Thailand, very close to Ko Lipe island.

Monkey all over
We're here!!
"Hin" stands for the black pebble stone and "Ngam" stands for beautiful. From Ko Hin Ngam you will be able to look back south to see Ko Lipe and the smaller Ko Hinkaow, turn right for a view of Ko Adang while Ko Rawi and the smaller Ko Lo Kuaj, Ko Paung and Ko Sa Maung are located on your left.
Koh Hing Ngam stacking stones
Curse for ignorance of warning

Jabang is a shallow submerged reef, maximum 16 m, and one of our most colorful snorkeling and diving sites. Around Koh Jabang are ranges of soft coral reefs which is claimed to be the world-class beauty. Seahorses and pipefish can be found while diving here as well as many cleaning stations inhabited by shrimps, but the thing I like most about this site are the colorful soft corals in shallow water. This is also the place when you can have a close distance with clown fish aka NEMO. 

So much regret i didn't take any photo from here. I ordered my lomo waterproof camera from Lazada a week before the trip, but it delivered to the door step on my departure day. And i cant use my lumix cuz it's not waterproof and i dont have any housing for it. I should ordered the lomo cam earlier, sob.

By the time we reach back to Lipe, it's already around 5.30pm and damn hungry. I can feel the muscle pain came from both of my hand after the day. Without a minute to lose, went back to the hotel, desperately need air-con to chill in, get showered and prepared for dinner hunt.
Still able to get a beer and cocktails before dinner bought from mini  store
This time, we are craving for seafood. I survey few of the restaurant along the walking street, but some are too expensive. So we decided to head up straight to Daya Resort (refer Day 1), price reasonable and the seafood are extremely fresh and juicy. We ordered a grilled fish, tiger prawn and pearl clamp. Best dinner ever!!
Seafood crave's
Deep Purple & Lipe Best Cocktails at 100 Baht each to end up the night
Day 4 ( Day of Return)

It's our last day at Lipe, postcard hunt and last run for the walking street and the beach!! I'm dying to get another vacation already. 
Lipe postbox
The main entrance of Lipe and Walking Street
Elephant Books and Cafe
 Chillin : Chocolate chip cookie and Orange Juice 
Elephant Books and Cafe
Harmony Cafe and Bakery

Look how happy he is =] Let's plan another trip!!
Parisian Sandwhich 100 Baht
I like the cheezy part
Bacon Cheese Beef Burger with Fries 215 Baht
The texture is so soft, and the smashing beef are perfect
Koh Lipe Immigration Check Point

I know!! It doesn't look like what you imagine right? Small..small..small.. Well, what's the point of getting a big air-con immigration office. It only operates during people check in, other than that the staff got their own full time job to do.

Expenses for my Lipe trip, as i promised.

End of Lipe trip. On my way back to the reality. 


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