Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant : Mr.Cho Birthday Dinner

Fatty Dad Birthday Dinner 

Hey peeps, a very late post i have to say(it suppose to be on February)  =p

So, the Cho's siblings decided to let the parents try out on Korean dishes @Daorae, since we been having Chinese cuisine almost every birthday dinner for the past few years. Although there are varieties in Chinese food, but a little twist of choice might be a good idea. The parents might like it, who knows?

Me and Janice pick the dishes for the night, sufficient enough for all, not too much cuz the side dishes is refillable. Korean food are one of my fav, i got to pick any banchan (side dish) i want and wrap it up with salad, the crispy texture is what i like the most. 

Nom Session
Seaweed soup for starter
Variety dipping sauce
As a wrapper for the banchan
The staff help grilled the meat
Pork festive!!!
Banchan ( Side dish)
Dweji Bok-um-bab RM 18
Pork fried rice 
Sogogi Bok-um-bab RM 18
Beef fried rice 
Soon-dubu-jjigae RM 18
Soft tofu, pork belly with fresh seafood shimmered in a spicy broth
Pa-Jeon RM 25
A delicate savoury pancake comprising of fresh seafood in batter top with spring onions
You peeps can refer the menu here

Say cheese Session

3 pretty ladies =p
Stop taking sideways picture!! your face is small enuf nonid to adjust
Cute Father and Son
Candle Blowing Session

Wishes Fairy : Make a wish!!
Happy Family
Lucky : I almost reach the cake >.<

Happy Birthday Mr.Cho!!!!


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