Month Of Prosperity

Although its an outdate post, BUT,

As i promise, pictures are finally up!! Not too much editing been done, just a few of brightness, contrast and effect adjustment. Add in some tag and stuff.

I know, my snapping skills is still far away behind, i'm still coping with it, so please BARE with me!! (I just bought my camera like 8 months ago) and STILL I just couldn't get used with the ISO, aperture thingy and how does it work to make the combination perfect. It's so irritated especially when those moving motion occurred and make the picture blur. The least thing i want for the photo is BLUR!! *sooo unsatisfied face*

After my 13hours of driving from Banting - Kelantan. My whole body is like super stiff and almost cramp. Second thought of gettin stroke. (Oh my, overacting pulak) I couldn't adjust my seat because the car is packed with all the stuff and i'm sitting 90 degree all the way long. We rush back during the new year eve to Uncle Chiang & Aunt Niew house for an overnight stay. Guess what, she prepared a homey dishes for us. Awww im touched and HUNGRY!!!

Reunion dinner cook by Aunt Niew <3 superb!! especially the PRAWN.. its huge and juicy

While getting my stuff ready for shower, a photo frame in BLUE caught my eye. Why are those typed word framed into instead of a picture? What the hell is going on? Not a second thought, quickly grab my camera and SNAP! XD This is hilarious

Uncle Chiang last will. P/s : To both of his son Linkern & Ewing

The Day!! First day of Chinese New Year. I went from Uncle Chiang house to my Granny house at Pasir Mas early in the morning. Everyone is still asleep, WTF?! Hey, get your ass up!! Went to say hi to my Granny. Right after that, I ring up Lindy & Eileen and ask them to come and get my luggage and stuff. Haha.. But ah boy showing up with a bicycle... == Lucky i didn't carry everything and widely generous Lindy went with her car to pick up my luggage. Yes!

Few hours after, everyone gettin up to prepared for the next day house warming. Its my Uncle new house and they are getting ready for a makan feast (drooling..) the next day. I did help out you know. I even accidently ask a BROOM  from Lindy and SWEEP the floor on the FIRST DAY of Chinese New Year. WHAT?! I actually never came across of the sweeping pantang after they told me. Putih-putih kene laugh. I think i still have the car-lag driving thing. My mind haven't been yet clear.

My uncle new house. Very spacious indeed. I wish i had my own lot so that i can build my own home. =(

Uncle new house
Is there anyway they are so into house or even kitchen chores like the pictures below. Once a year i guess. =p

Lindy (Top) and Edmond (Bottom) helping up for house warming. Rajin-nyer.... =p

Im helping  out as well. Look at the picture, its the proof. Seriously
Aunt Lui love to use her beads to make up these cute lil stuff. Kawaii!! i <3 the bear the most.
Look at the deer, so cute!!
My pok cik (which his children always call him) just suffered from an operation. Awww.. poor man.
(Top) From left Chen, Me, Fern & Fei
(Bottom) From left Chen, Lindy, Fern & Fei
Cupcakes!! We actually work on this the whole fucking day. Cuz the oven too small.
Lindy, please ask your mum get a bigger one next time.
Cupcake making session 

Me camwhoring with the wall hanging beads deco?

From left : My gorgeous Mom, eldest Aunt, Yi Poh daughter in law, Aunt Kok Lanas & Yi Poh (My Granny sister)

Fuyoh, gossiping saje tau. *Shake head* 

My Lovely Granny <3

Me and Chen
Baby Jayden!!!
Baby Jayden with his daddy and mommy

Eileen & Chen
Psssss : Eileen havent got into shower yet =p
Theng & Lindy
Me with Theng & Eileen

Aunt Machang & Hui Lan
Quirky us!!
My gorgeous Mommy!! <3

Theng & her youngest sister Hui Lan (Pandai pose d)

With Nie Nie
Like mother like son? Yup, i agreed! *The chubby face* 

With the cousy

Me & Eileen

Chen, Wern & Me
Stacey and the cousy

Eileen & Chen

The sista : Jia Yi (left) & Yi Ling (right)

Barbeque time!!

Poor Granny, she's sick. gave her flu med end up sleep whole day. Hahah

Daddy & Mommy
Went to visit Grandpa & Grandma. \ | /

Laksa lemak. Yummylicious!!

Som Tam

Makan la boy, busy focus on the camera.

Me & Lindy

The sausage and chicken wings taste so good! Next year go again nah?

Baby Yu Han (Sis Wennie bb)

Me & Lindy making ugly face

He keep walking up and down, my head also pening d.
With Sis Wennie

With Linkern. Any girl interested i got his phone number. =p
Well i supposed all the pictures are sum up for Chinese New Year 2013. Great Year Ahead..


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