Paradise Dynasty Paradigm Mall : Chap Goh Mei Night Out

A blink of eye, it's officially the end of Chinese New Year. Aww.. how much i miss the holiday!!
Every year, Fatty's family will be having a-get-together dinner during the night of Chap Goh Mei.
And i'm so excited when it comes to food, been having alot of ideas where to eat from fatty sibling, and lastly we decided to go PARADISE DYNASTY @Paradigm Mall.
(where i found out through a blogger blog as well *winks*)
I heard they actually have fancy and colorful Dim Sum, but what the heck with the color? Aren't dim sum suppose to be in pearl white? Nowadays, the restaurant will try to be creative in any ways to attract customer. Well, Paradise Dynasty does come out with their effort. 
Many Malaysians connect ‘Chap Goh Mei’ with the traditional myth of young unmarried ladies throwing mandarin oranges inscribed with names and telephone numbers into rivers in search of a boyfriend. It is known by many as the Chinese version of Valentines’ Day.
However, ‘Chap Goh Mei’ itself means the 15th night of Chinese New Year in Hokkien which also marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebration.
Similar to how the day before Chinese New Year is celebrated with much joy and festivity, during Chap Goh Mei, families gather over a grand meal which includes Yuan Xiao (glutinous rice ball), and homes are beautifully lit with red lanterns. If you happen to visit a temple during Chap Goh Mei, you might see people offering prayers to the God of Prosperity to bless their family with good fortune for the coming year.

The tradition of throwing oranges originated from Penang. Sodo make your way to Esplanade if you are around Penang at this time of the year. There will be competitions where boys in boats are required to scoop up oranges thrown into the sea by girls, and the boat with the most oranges wins the competition. Many do not keep to such traditions, some still do and such activities are carried out to keep the tradition alive.
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Paradise Dynasty is a Singapore based restaurant group.
We tried out few of the dishes and it was really good. The portion is just enough for everyone. Not too much and not too less. Just perfect. You guys can check out their website here
Let me show you some of the picture of the dishes we ordered.
Paradise Dynasty

三文鱼捞生Salmon Yu Shang - RM 48.00
Last Yu Shang for the year 2013. Nom nom nom

Sauteed Cabbage - RM 16.00
Fresh but the portion is too small for the price

Drunken Chicken - RM 16.00
Chicken in the house! This one taste like chilled chicken shred in your mouth, still tender and soft, succulent enough to have us nearly gnawing on the bones. 

SzeChuan Deep Fried Diced Chicken - RM 20.80
Couldn't be better more. Tasty and crunchy. Good when comes with a beer hehee

Sauteed French Bean With Minced Pork - RM 16.00
The french bean is soft and give you a salty and sweet bite

 A1 原味小笼包
A1 Shanghai Dumpling - RM 19.80

What could be better without Dumplings!! I believe it's the most crowd-puller item menu. Remember to slurp the soup within. The best dumplings!
Dragon-i you need to put extra effort!! You placed in second now =p

The fancy-colorful dumplings i mention
It comes with varieties of flavor to choose.  
Original, crab roe, szechuan, cheesy, black truffle, ginseng, garlic and foie grass.
We're not ordering it because we want the original, it's always the best.

Szechuan Style Poached Slice Fish - RM 32.80
The fish slice does not loose it's fresh aura by mixing up the dried chili. Very spicy yet cant stop having it more. Getting your appetite with a new taste of spice

Shanghai Rice Flour Cake - RM 16.80
It's taste like fried Mee Hun Keow to me. Only it make by rice. Not my preferable.

Sauteed Shredded Pork - RM 20.80
Confused on way of eating it? Check out below

Just wrap whatever you find from the dishes you ordered. (must come with the shredded pork of cuz) Brilliant balance of taste & textures.

Janice, apa you staring at? Why seem so down. Good food on the run!!

Never missed a photo together for memories
From left : Fatty, Me, Michael, Carmen, Janice, Kenneth & The Cho's parents
Steven Cho sudah become PILOT, ffk us. =p

Look who i bump into!! My long lost JIMUI. Wuahahhaha
From left : Lis & Joyin the twins, James, Me & Fatty
Others :
Rice - RM 1.50 per plate
Chinese Tea - RM 2.00 per head
Wet Towel - RM 0.50 per pack
Paradise Dynasty  樂天王朝
Lot 1F-15, Paradigm Shopping Mall, No. 1, Jalan SS7/26A, 47301 Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel: 603 7887 5022  Fax: 603 7887 3022
Business hours : 11am – 10pm daily (last order 9:30)


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