Michael Birthday Night

I love when it comes to birthday!! It's about food, cakes and photo session. Never missed a birthday dinner for any Cho's family member, it's so fun!

Michael was the eldest son and placed second in Cho's siblings after Janice. His super athletic especially in water sport. That is why he got super tanned skin. But it's more like poisoned philipino skin to me. Wuahahhaha. 

Before the pictures, let me start with a short story :


The story begins with one beautiful day, where Michael and the gf Carmen step into an elevator.  An Indian girl around primary school aged was in the lift too.

Conversation : 

Three of them stand at their own spot.
The Indian girl stares at Michael.
Indian girl : (asking Michael) You Cina ke, Melayu ke, India?
Carmen and Michael : stunt!!
Indian girl : You Cina kan? I tau. (pointing towards Carmen)
Carmen replies by showing nodding head gesture.
Indian girl : You Cina ke? (pointing towards Michael)
Michael nod as well BUT,
Indian girl : Tipu la!! You Melayu kan???
Carmen laughing all the way out from the elevator
Michael is still speechless.

The Moral of the story. Do not judge a book by its cover! You never know what lies within. 

We had dinner at a restaurant which i did not take photo because the food is not good and expensive as well. Banned!!

Happy 28th Birthday!!

Michael & Carmen the couple Ganas ohhh
Me & The birthday boy

Never missed out any chance to be shot
Michael : I do not like ppl messing with my head!! XD

Pattern more than badminton

Quirky Cho's Siblings

With the parent

Family photo
Lucky the dog : Always bai ngo sheong toi

Lucky : Im not an accessories, i'm just an innocent dog who needs comfort

See who's the king now.. Muahahaha

Lucky the dog : Spare me!! Pleaseseeeeeee...

Carmen : New born Miss Chinese Peagent in da house!! You all can sau pei la

Oh my god, this is hideous!!

Lucky the dog : Stop these NONSENSE at once!!

Lucky the dog : What is going on right now?!


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