Saha Coffee Banting : Suan Birthday Brunch

Hot Mama LeeSuan Birthday Brunch

Suan, a person i knew since secondary and now my colleague. She is now in a new stage, a Mommy!! Gonna post Baby Harold picture, so cute and active, well of course it's a baby boy. Huh.. Remember when me and sylvia visit baby Harold (oh em gee!!) you really need to save up alot of energy to play with. 

Cut the crap, we celebrate her birthday brunch at Saha Coffee @Banting. 

Happy Birthday Suan!!

Claypot Steam Rice with Grilled Chicken RM 8.90
Seafood Fried Rice RM 8.90
Cabonara Mushroom RM 13.90
Penang Prawn Mee (without prawn) RM 6.90
Special Fried Mee RM 6.90
French Toast RM 5.90
Skin Moisturizing (Carrot, Orange, Lime) RM 7.90
Suan with Mr.Cheng KA
Suan & Lily

Suan & Me
Me & Hui Kean
Me & Lily


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