♫♪♫ Sing Out Loud ♫♪♫ Neway Kareoke

When it comes to singing, we're totally carzee in love with it. Some of us sings well, some don't (Me.. blah) =p Even tho, we all still have fun spending hours singing and me screaming. Hahahaha
Although how much i wanted to sing better, but im naturally born to be high run pitchy notes, and just cant tune my voice well. Well whatever, kareoke are one of my fav activity, some of you might have your desired song list or even the songs that you sang the most. Even tho how hot and in trend K-Pop is, but you still stick back to those song which you sing the most. Agreed? But i did memorized one OST Secret Garden "That Woman", im sure in many songs you might at least glued a K-song. This time, Mike is joining us and he is pure Korean but he stays in M'sia for many years, so he understood Canto tho, I think his Mandarin is better than local bananas. That night, we even made him sang us FT Island songs, he must be annoyed, hahaha. Why Me?

So much pattern from Mike XD

Oh im so exited, for those "Running Man" fans out there, newspaper announced they will come for a fan meeting tour on 921, yay!! Why wont you guys shoot the running man episode here? Awww... Anyway, among all, which member you preferred? Grasshopper Jaesuk? Sparta Kook? Ace Jihyo? Kang Gary? Pororo Haha? Big Nose Hyung?  Betrayal icon GwangSoo?


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