Desapark City : Maggie+Sky

So here comes our Maggie with her baby bump. I know its been a super late entry, deepest apologize to my dear @Mangalinin.. teehee.. 

All editing done by, i do not know how to use Photoshop, so please forgive me for the extra remnants on the backgrounds. I had no idea how to wipe them off. And my stupid lappy were too lag for Photoshop. I think it's time to change a new lappy, hahaha.. Another lame reason to spend money =.=

Finally, baby Jayden was borned on 29th May 2014. Yay!! Another toy, oopps baby to play with!! But till now, haven't got the chance to meet him yet, only can stalk from facebook. Hahahaha
Stoled baby Jayden photo from Miu妈妈爱碎碎念 Facebook page. So cute neh!!



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