Onsemiro Intermark Mall

It's food deal again!! Yay!! No one could resist this kinda of temptation i must say especially girls, it's similar when you saw SALE, DISCOUNT, 50%, CLEARANCE etc in shopping mall. Don't you agree so? Nod Nod 
To get latest offer info from Groupon, please subscribe to their newsletter. You will never regret how much discount and cheaper products and deals they could offer. Some deals are limited to certain area and mostly in KL - Klang Valley, but i believe they are trying their best to expand. Have you ever calculate how much you saved through Groupon, well start calculating now and you'll be surprised. 

Thank you "Groupon"!! 

Back to the main topic for today post, 

Onsemiro a Korean fine dine cuisine located at Intermark Mall, KL. If you are a Korean food lover, this is one restaurant you must never miss in terms of their quality of meat, fresh seafood and few choices of scrumptious Korean cuisine. Korean food enlightens me ^.^ Private dining rooms available for customers for functions, events or even gatherings. Love the cosy ambiance in terms of their contemporary settings. Certain time you need to get away from those crowded, noisy and smoky place to enjoy your meal, well this is the place, no doubt at all. Doesn't mean a lively atmosphere is the trend you need all the time when having korean food, you were totally wrong. Its who and how you want it to be. 

Despite how much the price is higher from the one you had in elsewhere, every single peny worth the food here. (after discount it worth even more) Nonetheless, there are alot of Korean restaurant with cheaper price provide variety of good servings, not to deny especially in Korean Village Ampang. Okay la, if you wana argue in terms of authenticity why not you just go take a flight, check in KLIA with "Bye Malaysia" caption and head on to South Korea, that is AUTHENTIC. p/s : remember to bring your passport. 

Please be reminded, its a

"Pork-Free Restaurant"

We eat, if its good we go back. Vice versa. That how it goes.  Okay enough with the mumbling. Jom take a look on the pictures i took.

Main Entrance

Menu Board on Daily Specials

Fermented "Stuff", no idea what's in the jar
Our private room for dining
Done with the place, lets move to the main star of the day. 

Beef is my main purpose

A row of banchan

Main star of the day, the signature Grilled Prime Beef Sirloin, Fatty had his eye on this from the start. The meat is tender and juicy, perfectly fit the name 'Prime'. What an abundant marbling piece of meat!! Yummylicious.. 
In case you have no idea which part Sirloin is, please refer the picture below. Its roughly between those area. The priciest part of Sirloin is the most upper back, as from what i read from the net.
150g BBQ Prime Beef   RM 98
Next, Grilled Marinated Beef Slice, no idea which part of this meat belongs to. But meat with bones are most most un-preferable choice. Do not mistaken im being an ambivalent state, all orders made by Fatty, im not complaining don't get me wrong. Still, it was perfectly grilled, tender but not as juicier as the prime beef especially with the bones.
200g BBQ La Galbi   RM 70
Never failed to order soup whenever having korean dishes, Spicy Soft Tofu Stew. I love the way they mixed the pepper and tofu along, fit my taste bud. More pepper would be nice, the spicyness!! LIKE!!

Sundubu Jjigae 순두부찌개  RM 25
Beef broth served with rice cake and dumpling. Love tteobokki so much i could eat it w/o cooking. The broth are not as good as the one i had in Ampang, it doesnt have those milky white type of appearance, the broth kinda too plain for me. The soup i had at Ampang was naturally nutty with a hint of sweetness, if not mistaken Nak Won @Ampang. Google yourself please. 
Sagol Tteokmandu 사골떡만두  RM 25
As for the Mandu comes with combination of glass noodle, mixed vegetables and minced beef. What else do i left? Please correct me if im wrong. Apparently, mandu skin is too thick it's more like eating water boiled popiah (spring roll) instead of dumpling, cant taste the beef at all pretty dissapointing.  

What big mouth you have there!!
After meal dessert
Persimmon Juice

Last but not least, my optimum selca of the day.. Wuahahahahaha

Onsemiro Fine Dining Korean Restaurant
2nd Floor, The Intermark, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur  Phone: 03-2161 2461 
Call Mon – Fri: 5.30pm – 10.30pm / 
Sat – Sun & public holidays: 11.30am – 3.00pm / 5.30pm – 10.30pm


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