Apek Hill Cheras

Apek Hill  located within the vicinity of Taman Cheras Awana, Taman Segar Perdana and Taman Bukit Hartamas, Apek Hill's entrance can be accessible via several entry point.
We are using the Jalan Awana 23 entrance, where you need to park your vehicle beside the road, walk down the slope towards your exciting hike journey. I'm thrilled.
Betty cant even sleep at the night before, she's thriller than me.

There are 5 rest station with the 5th Station located at the peak (386 meter above sea level) and a distance of 8.7KM. 2hours++ until the peak and 0.5hours steep down to the waterfall; another 2hours back to the entrance we started. Roughly around 5hours to complete the hike and waterfall activity. Not encourage for asthma individual.

Try out easier place like Bukit Gasing or FRIM just to work out your stamina before getting up Apek Hill. I can feel the pain on my toe while going down the hill although wearing shoes, and JT with the Sandals??!!! Around of Applause!!! He is truly the Champ!!

There are few reminders when you go on a hike with a group of people :

  • Headcounts
  • Wait for Others
  • Do not shout throughly
  • Watch out for your step along the trails
  • Watch where you're grabbing, beware of the torns
  • Bring enough water, do not get hydrated
  • Get a shoe with proper grip (rugged terrain)

The waterfall that we went look like at tattered curtain, a mini cascade perhaps? We bring some picnic treat lolx. I got hotdogs, salad, eggs, ham, bread etc. Delicious!!

It was a Recharge after big consumption of energy used up. Because we need to climb up back to the peak to get back to the entrance we started.


  1. trekz & trailz of apek hiLL


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