Fun Weekend at Port Dickson Part 1

Spending a night out at PD, getaway from the hectic life. Weng Kin rented 2 units of 3 bedroom apartment for the night out we spend most of the time under the hood : Catch up with each other, chit chat, mahjung & lami, hotpot, liquor, games etc. Kingsley back from Aus with his gf Sue Lin, staying down at Malaysia for the moment.

By the Beach
So, we're staying at Seri Bulan Apartment PD, although the apartment is beside the beach, but there aren't any path that direct us except jumping over another hotel gates to reach the beach, else we could be there by walking distance. So, we need to drive and entrance from another way through the main road. We bring along durian that we bought at a stall halfway getting here. Kingsley even bring frisbee along to play at the beach meanwhile waiting others to reach.

While waiting for others gettin here, we clean up the house and prepare the food. Weng Kin and his mum initiatively bought the ingredients for the steamboat session from market, how nice of him and auntie. We got mini hotdog, shrimp, meatballs, vege, corns, mushroom etc. Droolssss.... Everyone contributes by bringing pots, food and other necessary stuff.
As usual, the ladies do all the washing, peeling and chopping

And the guys....

Steamboat Session

Ta-da, food is ready!! Yummy yumm...

No pictures for the moment because we're all busy eating, nom nom nom....

Game-Liquor Session

Party just got started, haha. JT is always the main role when it comes to drinking. No matter whose birthday or what occasion, everyone making him talk less and  just drink.
Played some of the games : Oya-oya muchigai, 007 etc as the drinks getting clean really fast.
Does everyone remember how yeonglee pronounce "Oyi Oyi Yam"? LOL. It was a night full with laughter, lifes just become better when you got friends to hang up and laugh together. No restriction.

Snap snap snap. Taking photos is one of the spontaneous action to do in whatever condition and wherever place you're in.

2am in the morning, some are eating the second round and some are playing mahjung. I joined the eating group, XD

Everyone head off to bed by 4am. Snores...


  1. can you give me this apartment contact number . thanks

    1. this apartment was a free night in from my friend company, so i don't have the contact.
      But you can try to check out this link below :


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