Batu Pahat Durian Festive Trip

SeeLing invited us to her homeland, BATU PAHAT (BP) to had fruit feast at her home. The main reason we were pounding to her home is the King of Fruits DURIAN!! Of course other than Durian, we seek for BP local delicacies. Such a fun and exciting activities especially in a bunch of playful group.


Munchie munch at Glutton Square
All 9 of us took off from KL down to BP, took us around two and a half hours to reach  and approximately 252km of distance. But the journey doesn't let bored ourself as we were so excited and been talking what we gonna eat and buy and do.

Grabbing time to snap during the red lights LOLX
KS, SeeLing bf lead us to her home at BP and she bring us out lunch down the town. If not mistaken, the hawker center we went is Gluton Square along Jalan ShahBandar. p/s : SeeLing, correct me if i'm wrong =p.  
Juicy Chicken Wings
Otak Otak ( fish paste wrapped in palm leaves)
Look at the portion!! Compared to the one in KL, big diff
Pork Satay Stall
Pork Satay
Meng Hian Oyster Stall
Oyster Omelette
Fry Vermicelli
Hokkien Noodle
Grilled Squid, Spicy!!

There are few popular delicacies in Batu Pahat such as fried oysters (蚝煎), fish ball noodles (鱼圆面), pork noodles(肉碎面), wonton noodles (云吞面), Chinese and Malay style of apam balik (面煎糕), ngo hiang (五香), Hakka mee (客家面) and pork satay (猪肉沙爹). 

Next stop, fruit festing at SeeLing house. DURIAN, here we come!! Her family especially Mr.Tan who welcome us with an open arms. Serving us with never endless of durians!!

Everyone indulge on the durians moments
Eh, you know how to do it anot?!
SeeLing Niece.. So cute
Still havent stop eating =.=
Next destination, sleep and rest spot. We arrived at the temple in a fishing village of Segenting guided by SeeLing. It was drizzling when we reached there, however the scenery was so beautiful. The place itself is a fishing village and it is also a tourism village for people who need a real retreat from the busy city life. 

SeeLing booked 2 rooms at first, then we decided to all squeeze into 1 big spacious Master Room. We sleep, chat, eat and snores (only the men's)  all 10 together!!! Have you done that with your friends? It's located above a mini store and the temple. 
 Headed for dinner at Ship Village, for me the food taste average and pricey...
Day 2

Tua Pek Kong Temple 崇龙宫大伯公庙

ITua Pek Kong is a very popular religious place of worship as well as tourist destination. Erected by the Minyak Beku beach in Segenting fishing village, various Gods such as Mazu (Goddess of the Sea), Da Bo Gong (Grand Uncle) and Hai Long Wang (Dragon King of the Sea) are worshipped in hope of blessings and protection for the villagers. 

We actually stayed above a mini mart+coffee shop where SeeLing booked for us. You can see for the 4th picture from below from where we stayed. The view outside our window is so refreshing and relaxing. I could just lay down whole day long without doing anything just to enjoy the free hustle moment. One by one waking up, went downstairs for a walk and enjoy the morning sea breeze. 

I could see the lover bridge (情人桥) out left from our window. It is the jetty for the fishing boats and also a romantic spot for dating couples. romantic spot? i doubt that..
The lover bridge that i mention as you can see on the left
From here you can see that's the place we stayed in. Cheap and the neighborhood people are so friendly. 
The statue of Ma Zu, the Goddess of the Sea
 An interesting thing to do at the temple is to stick out our hands and gently touch the arapaima fish in the pond. Devotees believe that this will bring luck and fortune.
Arapaima fresh water fishes in the ponds of the temple
"Crystal Temple" with Dragon King of the Sea
Its breakfast time, everyone washed up and ready to makan!!!

Beef Noddle super good!!!
Chinese Tea in Johor
Curry Noodle
Duck Noodle
Apam Balik!! This is so good i eat all of them and i went to buy another
The stall that sell the apam balik
Second round of FOC fruit buffet!!
Me and SiewHan went to pick rambutans

 We even packed the durians back, lolx
Look at those stacks of durians take-away. Woohoo
Kah Hock car fully loaded with Durians
Wk : You took too much durians you got bad breathe
YL : Fine! your armpit smells the same as well. Do you eat with your hands up?

Forgotted where we took the next meal, if not mistaken is Jalan Peng Kai. 
p/s : Again!! SeeLing correct me if im wrong
Shaved ice!! Perfect for the hot weather
 Getting coffee before heading home from Renjit Coffee
 Must buy in BATU PAHAT!!
Highly Recommended from Me!!!
At first, they were like OMG Evelyn, why you bought so many? Kiasu? Then i say SeeLing recommended, the cake texture is very soft, so i just buy it. And when im done paying all the stuff, the others are just buying as much thing as me. Kiasu people.. LOLX

Must buy!! 
Thank you for the patience scrolling throughout this post. It was so much fun spending the trip with you guys. Cant wait for another!!

Sorry for the absence of price tag but no need to worry as eating in Batu Pahat is generally cheap. 平靓正!! Reminder : Except the ship village

Tua Pek Kong Temple 崇龙宫大伯公庙
Address : Jalan Minyak Beku,83000 Batu Pahat, Malaysia

Ship Village Seafood Restaurant
No 68 Kg Segenting, Jalan Minyak Beku
83000 Batu Pahat, Johor
Tel 07-4287184

Family Cake and Pastry Shop 芳邻西点蛋糕 
Main office: 102, Jalan Rotan Batu, Taman Sri Jaya
Tel: 07-433 2873
Fax: 07-432 4873

Renjit Coffee
No.6-10, Jalan Keembong, Rengit,
83100 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel : 607-4242 241 / 4242 188


  1. I like to visit the place. Please tell me how can I book the room? Any telephone number? Any transport from Batu pahat (or Singapore) to the place? My email Thanks.

    1. OMG!, its been Nov. Im so sorry for the late replies been busy with work and no time for blogging. You could send an email to and ask for the contacts. She is my friend from batu pahat and mentioned my name.


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