The Proposal : Vance & WenSze

Congratulations to Vance & WenSze!! 

It started when Vance asking his brothers to help him with the Proposal Plan!! Everyone was exhilarate, can't wait for the big and meaningful day on 15.09.2013.
At the early stage, the B.I.A.T.C.H group chat had these RING conversation and WenSze actually know the ring existence but Mr.V had not make his move yet. So we end up talking another girlie crap.

This proposal was not an easy task for Vance, basically he plan out all the proposal course event and we just helping him to succeed the plan. V planned out the venue and the script and done the slide show all by himself!! The mastermind behind all the plan. Wensze you meet a great and thoughtful man.Well i did not help much on that night where i have to say MIANHAE!!(sorry) to all other members who worked hard, cause i had to attend a wedding dinner that night and came late.  

And here's the story of exactly how it happened, and what took place, gonna keep it simple 
Basic props for the proposal :
1. RING of course
2. Flower bouquet
3. Rose Petals
4. Heart Shape Balloon
5. Ribbons
6. Pictures of the couple
7. Camera's
8. Last but not least : Slide Show for the night

Accomplices in Proposal Operation :
1. Yawfu &SiewHan
2. WengKin & YeongLee
3. Kingsley & Suelin
4. Kok Soon
5. Kah Hock & Betty
6. Fatty and Me
7. Jit Thuang
8. Yu Zhong
9. Wensze brother & Gf

Wensze and her family went for vaca at Taiwan, so V decided to give her a surprise proposal after she got home that night. Ws brother had already knew the plan and will cooperate with V to make it succeed. So as all the brothers and gf's who prepared the props and deco. V did many times rehearsal with Kingsley, haha they were so funny, imagine a men confessing to another men. The heart shape rose petal was meant to be the spot for the proposed speech.

We were hiding at the corner, behind the sofa and the kitchen. Lights turned to dim. Once Ws open the door and stepped into the house, slide show will be played immediately. We're expecting Ws to go over the balloon deco with their pictures and see through one by one, but Ws go straight into the kitchen where all were hiding and come out "Zomok, 什么事哦?" (What happen?) while laughing by herself. Then those who hiding back there asked Ws turned back around. LOLX

Finally the main lead V came out and to give his romantic speech and pop the question.
And Ws said YES!! 
Yay, the proposal plan was a succeed!! Despite V was so nervous his voice is shaky throughout the whole line. HAHHAHAHAHA..

In hindsight, we were glad that the proposal happened when it did, because i bet Ws know that should it have been left to fate at the right place and right time. From that night on, V and Ws will be marking a new phase ahead in their lives. Again, Congratulations!!

Vance & Wensze :
May you prosper with wealth in this life and the next as a couple, as you are in love. May your life be fulfilled with each other’s company and that you may grow old and happy together. 


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