Hey peeps

I wondered why people love to post blog. Is it simply because of the TRENDS? SIDE INCOME? GETTING FAMOUS? SHARING is CARING?? Or just to SHOW OFF?

I have been following few awesome blogger like Cheesie's from Malaysia, XiaXue's and Beatrice from Singapore, 花猴 from Taiwan which most of you (blog readers) could recognize these name.

You cant tell and imagine the awesomeness of being a full time blogger like them. And all of 'em are glittery gorgeous!! They got FANS!!!  (me.. me...)

They actually hit millions of clicks where blog readers do spare the quality time to read their blogs fucking EVERYDAY with all those words!! My GOD!! (include me) *blush cheeks*

And here it is, my BLOG is officially created. Dont get me wrong im not into the FAME thing, i just straight up my mind to share what i LURVE and i dont care whether you like it or not. 

It's my blog and its my authority to post what i want. Yup, im starting to love this blog thing more and more =]

Imma EATER, I EAT, EAT AND EAT. So i will upload lots of lots of lots of FOOOOODDDD.. *drooling all over*

Good luck for me not being Flash in the Pan!!


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